February 13, 2016

Try AWS(2)

 As writing here
recently I'm starting AWS (AmazonWebService) and it is additional memo.

(1) Accessing AWS from smartphone

 Today I want to access it from Starbacs Cafe via starbacs'wifi.
I brought tablet and smartphone and I can access AWS website but can't connect ssh to amazon because I didn't install my secret key to my tablet and smartphone.

So coming back to my home, I tried ssh on my smartphone. But my app "Android Terminal Emulator" don't handle ssh, so I install ssh client App "ConnectBot".
Seeing this article and finally succed in connecting ssh.

It is amazing to access IaaS by smartphone.
Using these things, personal computer and smartphone are almost same because these are just an terminal equipment to cloud. If they can connect to internet, they don't need to have high functions.

(2) Studying using OCW

 I didn't go to AWS seminar so I searched good internet tutorial materials and find OCW "Startup Engineering" at Coursera.
It is very good course so I'm watching it on tablet and doing AWS on my netbook.
Today I singup
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And This course uses Ubuntu instance so I added Ubuntu instance (currently using Amazon Linux AMI). If I have several instances, there are extra charge if total running time of instances are under 750 hours.

February 7, 2016

Potato farming

Today, we planed potatos. I bought potatos 3kg (750yen) and cut these potatos in half.

Before planting, we put ashes to potato's cutting planes and planted them.

I always bought potatos about 1 or 2 kg so 3 kg is a little too much for our farm. There are half of entire spaces left but all was used for potstos.
It took about 2 hours for farming, tired..


This weekend, I tried to sing up AWS(Amazon Web Service).
I wanted to do it, but hesitated to do. One reason is it needs credic card and second reason is it seemed difficult to do.

At first, I planed to take part in free seminar around Osaka, but after netserfing internet, I found that it was not so difficult*1 to sign up, so I tried today.

It took about 1 hour to finished. It might be about 10 min if there were no trouble.
I first select Tokyo machine to make instance, but changed my mind to default machine (oregon, USA) because it was cheaper than tokyo.
After finished AWS setting, I connected my AWS by terminal.
At first I couldn't connect*2, but somehow I could. Then installing Apache, and finnaly
I can access my server (below). I was deeply moved when I saw this screen !

It is good period now because I can have my own server with no cost and can use it anywhere !
I accessed my college's server via telephone line when I was college student (late 80' to early 90') and after 30 years I can do via internet to USA server.

*1 http://liginc.co.jp/web/programming/server/39969
*2 I forgot setting http(port 80) and ssh(port 22) inbound traffic permission.