November 28, 2015

Handling informations

Recently due to a progress of IT, we can easily gather and handle many informations at any time any place if they have a curiisity.
My method is like this.

1. Getting informations, reading informations
  I use RSS reader(Feedly) and mail magazine and those are good way to get informations efficiently, but most good method for me is by newspaper (real newspaper). 
Newspaper is coverd with wide range of information so for me is the best resource. I always get up at early about 4:30 AM and have a coffee and read newspaper about 30 min. This is a best time for me. And after reading it and find some intersting articles, I take a picture by tablet and send it to my google drive. Before IT is not convinient like this, I scrap these by folders but storing in cloud is very convinient because I can aceess my own resources at any place at any time.
And my most important information resources is books. I like books very very much from children. I spend about 2 or 3 times a week  at book shops when I was a way back to my home and read many books and it is very wonderful time for me.
But I have limited amount of money to spend for books so I use public library. Recent liblary is progressing so I can reserve books by smartphone so when I found intersting books, I memo book titles and reserved it via smartphone ! It's amazing.

I also use my personal bookmark website and webserfing my favorite sites and it is also good way but sometimes spend too much time ..

And if I find some intersting articles mainly about scientific fields, I pushed this articles to my kindle simply putting "send to kindle"botton, then read them at about commuter time. I like kindle because it is light, not waste of battely, and very gentle to my eyes. My kindle has a dictionary so if I can't understand a meaning of words, just touch words. It is very convinient function.

2. Throwing informations to my information boxes
 As descrived above, I use google drive, and this is very good storage service because it is free! And I also use gmail to save articles url. For me, this is very simple method. I used gmail for a long time and gmail's tag function is very useful so I categorize these informations. These category is changing according my curiosity and gmail function is very frexible.
And I sometimes added some informations(urls or etc) to my personal bookmark website.
I also saved url's using bookmark function. I use Feedly and youtube and these have a bookmarking funtions and these work very good!

These action is like throwing informations to some basket and doing it in a easiest way and also be able to access these informations at any place any time is most important issue, I think.
And after a certine time passing, these informations was matured inside my body and turned out to be a meaning infomations.

3. Summarizing informations
 It is my most important works. This works means understanding informations.
Especially in intersting non-fiction books, there are many good informations existed so I reserved some important informations. I use very traditional ways. Papers.
I have a notebook (loose-leaf type) and a system notebook(filofax type). When I find some intersting informations at bookstore or reading magazine at cafe, I pulled my system notebooks and write down. It is convinient way for me.
And  when I want to write down more informations, I used my notebook mainly after finishing reading books. It take about 30 min but I like this way.
It is like when I was a highschool students.

4. Reserching or memorizing some idea
 Sometimes, I want to reserching something and in such occasions, I used google docs and it is very useful tools because I did it in any time any place. Also use google keep and system notebook to memo something, like to-do list or something hint etc. 
It helps releasing my brain's shortterm memory so feel relaxing !

5. Writing down something
 This is what I'm doing. Before web services was appeared, publishing somethings is very hard for ordinary person, but now is very good world and everyone who have a accessibility to internet can publish something in a very easily way.
So barrier of ordinary people and writer is low, I think. It depends on what they are.

November 15, 2015

Sports is good for health, especially for brain

I'm interested in relationship between stress and brain function.

Mechanism of brain is very intersting because brain is very accurate organism.
When we feel about fear, stress, brain alart to amygdala in brain, then amygdala make signal to hypothalamus then hypothalamus makes singnal to hypophysis ,then hypophysis make signal to adrenal gland then adrenal gland release cortisol which is stress hormone.This route is called "HPA" .
Cortisol is circuited via blood around our body then affected many organ including brain.

Cortisol is good when emargence situation was happend, but when we continuously feel stress alltime, cortisol level is always high and it is bad for brain, especially for hippocampus which is important for memory.

My favorite book "Method of usage of waking up early" said that 3 important issue for health is "sleep 7 hours", "good food" and "good exercise". The author kisou kubota has jogging 3 days per week since he was 46.
I bought this book about 5 years before and has continued waking up about 4:30 AM, continuing jogging (recently walking or something like that) and eating breakfast with rice with fermented soybeans and yogurt.

This book said that good exercise stimulate prefrontal area which is major player in brain. And good exercise makes us good tiredness that make us sleep early.
Like my experience, during running, my brain works actively because I must watch if car's coming or bycles suddenly come.
And after running and sometimes one cup of beer!, good sleepiness come and sleep soon.  This book said good sleep reduce level of cortisol. From my experience, when I waked up after good exercise, my brain is very fresh and keep good condition,so this triangle is very good for me.
And recently, I read Sparks which said almost same things.

So thinking stress from the point of brain mechanism is very intersting thing.


November 9, 2015


My workplace has changed to kobe in July so we went to kobe for sightseeing there.

This is around minatogawa-park underground station.

minatogawa park.

We ate lunch there.

After lunch, we walked around JR kobe station.

There held basketball game.

And walked around..

Motomachi shopping street.

It is famous shop "roushouki" and we ate butaman.

We walked around chinise town.

Then second break time at sannomiya.

That's over our fun time.