July 26, 2014

To read books for lower cost

I read books mainly from public library by internet reservation system,
and sometimes buy books (mainly used books because there are many used bookstore aroud japan) or buy e-books  which are not sold in japan or are cheaper compared with translation version.

Internet services including internet  accessibility is very cheap & sufficient (for example my mobile phone with internet cost about 10 $ per month).
So if we memo titles of books which we had lent & read .we don't have to own books by myself. 

Of course, I want to buy books if these are mine, I can write down memo on books or fold down corner of pages. But for many ordinally people, there are limit of allowance for family so using public library services plus IT is very good way for book lover.

July 6, 2014

Memento database

Recently, I use tablet(Nexus 7 with wifi) & smart phone (LG l-01f with MVNO) .
Before, I used iPod touch and used flashcaed app for memo of english words and after changing to android(nexus 7), I can't find good app and furthermore, I changed my old mobile phone to smartphone(l-01f) with MNNO to reduce telecommunication fee, so I want to find good app which I can handle 2 devices with synchronizing database.

And I find this software. It is very easy to use and it can sync database via Google docs, so if I can append words in one device and push sync bottom, then I can update another device with simply push sync bottom.

I like it, but recently when I deleted Google docs's spreadsheet, I can't upload data to Google docs. But today, this trouble has been solved. After uploading data, I could not see spreadsheet from Google doc app, but when I access from desktop PC, I can find uploaded spreadsheet and after that, I can see uploaded spreadsheet from Google doc app.
Maybe this might be bug, but anyway I can use it normally.

July 5, 2014

Kouga-Ninjya house, Shiga

We went to the kouga ninja village.
Before, we went to iga ninja village. And compared with iga, kouga is small, old, but there is real ninja house at kouga and this house is now "kouga ninja village".

This is inside the house.

At ninja house, ninja tour is doing every hour abot 30 min and including tour, entrance fee is 600 yen per adult and 300 yen per child.

It is near shigaraki and there is anthique shop which my wife likes, so we went there.

And then, we walked around shigaraki town where there are many porcelain shops.