February 5, 2011

Amazon kindle !

I bought amazon kindle.
( I happend to pass the exam "network specialist" and if I passed this exam, my wife promised that I  could bought amazon kindle ..)

I orderd it 26 Dec. and arrived at 20 Jan 15.
It took a little time to get it and extra money due to shipping and handling($20) and import fees deposit($8), but cheaper compared to other readers.
( amazon total: $168 = 14thousant yen and sony reader 20 thousant yen and furthermore kindle handle internet browser).
Amazon japan don't handle kindle so I ordered amazon usa and bought it.

 #when I orderd it, there are selection "shipping speed" and when we choose fast shipping, it took extra money. I choice fast shipping because I wanted to use fast!
(about $10 extra money) ->ref1, ref2

We bought netbook last year and it was light (about 1 kg) and was very useful in my house because we can access wirelessly by wi-fi access. But when we used it outside, it was a little heavy and wasn't useful.
But kindle is very easy to use because it is very light (about 200g) and not wait to power on and easy to read (using e-ink) and can access web by wi-fi access, so I like it very much !

Kindle handle pdf files( old kindle didn't handle japanese character) but it is a little hard to read because if we see A4 size PDF file, kindle monitor is a little small so it is hard to read.
But using kindle service, we can change PDF files to amazon friendly format.

Before that, it cost money(*1), but now we can use this service by free(*2) without using USB connection.
So kindle is unique because kindle may be specific to read so aproach is different the tablet PC and smart phone. I like reading books very much, so for person like me, kindle is very good tools.

----5 may,2011----
I received a e-mail said that I can take refund from amazon due to the rate of yen&dollar, and I received 694 yen refund. That's small amount of money but it is good news.


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