September 5, 2010

Otani museum, etc

We got some tickets so went to the nishinomiya-city otani museum and saw "2010 Original picture exhibition of Bologna International picture book festival" (Bologna Fiera del Libro per Ragazzi).
It was first time to go to Otani museum and it was a very good museum because it has a beautiful garden in it and atmosphire was very good so we liked it. Furthermore, its" exhibition was very good and pictures were very intersting and cool.
We always read picture books for our son so we are accustomed to picture books, that's one reason we liked this exhibition.

Afterthat, we went to motomachi-station at kobe-city and went to daimaru-dep. museum to see the "RIMPA, JAKUCHU and the world of elegance -selection for the hosomi collection, kyoto". It was also good but impression of otani museum was so strong that we finished watching them about 20 min.

After such things, it was evening time and around there was very beautiful in color an light.

August 16, 2010

New netbook has arrived !

Our new netbook has arrived yesterday !

I bought netbook 2 month ago (ASUS Aspire One), but recently it was suddenly broken when my wife connected a mouse and power supply suddenly down !
ASUS Aspire One was good because it was cheap (30 thousant yen) and display is 1240 * 720 and 11.6inch wide, but weight is a liitle heavy and CPU Power is also a little weak so I asked the shop to change another netbook when it was broken, and shop said they paid back 30 thousant yen.
So I searched at shop and web then ordered the new netbook at

This one is by mouse computer which is an BTO(Built To the Order) company in japan. This company isn't so popular in Japan but its spec and price is very good because it is the same price as Aspire One(30 thousant yen), same display resolution and CPU is latest one (Atom N450 and graphic chipset is MN3500) and weight is lighter(1 kg) so I orderd it (it is the last one amazon listed).

We used it some days and I liked because it is easy to carry and graphics is smooth compared to the old one.
At first, I wonderd why it is so cheap and find some reasons. It has no exstra materials because there are no manual, no PC cover and no extra software (Microsoft Office, etc). But recently we can use OpenOffice by downloading from internet, so no problem at all.
It is like Ikea style because their product contained minimum manual and no extra materials.

Recently, cloud services are good so we only need internet accessiblity(wireless) plus low price netbook and that's enough. Amazing lowprice (30000yen = about $300)...good world!
Anyway, I like it.

May 19, 2010

The possibility of internet, blog, twitters, etc.

Reading some twitters and blogs, I think about what is blog and twitter mean.Of course, it is interesting to read someone's article and also intersted in writing something, but that's all. I mean that web's tool (blog, twitter, etc) might have much power.

For example, when I was graduate student 20 years ago, there aren't such internet circumstances but there are news group in some internet providers and some people use such newsgroup (they call it "Forum") and my friends use them and get specific information and argue about some kind of things and it is very powerful tool for some kind of interst area. I did not use internet in such a way, but if I can use blog or some internet tool in such a way, I might utilize internet more powerful besides expressing daily life (for example, I ate something now expressing by twitter, etc etc).

May 2, 2010

Ooji zoo (kobe-city)

Ooji-zoo (MAP) is a famous and very popular zoo at Kansai.
Today was fine day and it is in the "golden-week" vacation time, so we left home at 9:30 and took train about 1.5 hour.

Arriving at Nada station where japanese sake is famous.

From station to the zoo, it took about 5 min to walk.This erea is calm and nice place.

When we arrived there, there were so many people because it was the best season to go around.

Elephant! I didn't see elephant for a long time so it was fresh to me, but my son was tired so he didn't show attention.
This zoo have many places to be watched and it took about one day to go around, so we(me and he) are a little tired to walk (my wife took the picture).

After sleep about 10 min, we went to aquarium and it is very nice because we could watch penguin through the water and the color of water was very wonderful!

And this zoo's most popular animal is Panda.

After leaving zoo about 3:40 pm, we walked to the south to go to "Nagisa park" next to sea.

There are Hyougo-pref. Art Musium next to Nagisa park and it is by architect Tadao Ando. At first I don't know that this is by his work, but my wife suggest if it is by Tadao because the atmosphere is like him (I go to watch many Tadao's architecture so she know his style maybe.) I like his architecture because his architecture is, what I should explain my feeling, artistic and strong.

After eating dinner at food court near shopping center, we took train and arrived at home about 21:20 and very tired but happy day.

March 14, 2010

Swiming school for baby

Every sunday is a day for swiming for baby class.
We have been to a hirakata swiming school for about half a year. Baby class was done 3 days a week and on Sunday I swim with him.(on weekday, my wife swim with him)

At first, I was not willing to the class, but recently I am accustomed to do it because it is good for health (my work is deskwork so I have little time to exercise). And after swiming time about 40 minutes, we have hot spa time and take a shower and take a lunch box at a seat. So always, we left home about 11:30 and swiming class began at 12:00 and finished eating about 14:00 and afterthat, we drive to shopping, etc.

This swiming school is famous around here because Athens olympic medalist yuko nakanishi is a member of this school and I like this school.

February 3, 2010

About life

Recently, I sometimes think about the happiness of my life. Maybe that is because I had a family and my house and our child and feel very happy.
First time I had thought such a thing was maybe when I triped mainly to Europe 20 years ago, and I felt that the quality of life is better than that of Tokyo, I mean that compared with Japan, the philosopy of life seemed to be based upon the happiness of life. In japan, their life is based on company or society (student go to cram school to enter good university, etc) and I grow up in such circumstance so I was shocked to experience such things.

For "good and model" salaried worker, the proportion of work must be bigger in proportion to the period of time of company's man, but I often think what is "happy".
My sense of value might be changed compared to what I was student 20 years ago.

The sense of value might be different to person to person, and recently such books (about the way of life, for example, the way of life not to try one's best, and another books says trying one's best lead to happiness, etc ) was published in Japan, but for me to say, that is very stupid things because it is one's sense of life so there are no answer for it, but stupid japanese easily seek "right answer".
Digressing from the story, the sense of value is very important for me.

January 3, 2010

The life without TV

For about one and half year, we didn't watch TV because my wife prohibited swiching on TV since our baby was born on May 2009. (She think that it is not good for children to watch TV.)
At first, I didn't acustomed to the life without TV, but soon became acustomed to that.

Last week when winter holiday season(from Dec. 28 to Jan. 3) began, I watched TV but all of them were boring to me. The quality of TV program is very low and worthless.
Indeed, I always watch internet streaming BBC, France 24, Aljazeera and get news from Google news, etc and that's enough if I waste time seeing worthless TV Programs.
And I remembered the same thing I thought when I was university student that many of our college students seemed to be very fool because they read manga all the time and the level of their talk was very low level and I was very disapointed. Our college (Tokyo Institute of Technology) was not low level and indeed they were good at solving problems but there were few people I was inspired. Of course, there are a few people that I thought were so good! but most of such people were from other country. And Watching TV program, I was remember such things that I had thought 20 years ago.

I think that the most important things is the true intelligence and wisdom, not the mechanical ability of memorizing, score of IQ.If we want to seek a true intelligence and wisdom, internet and English is essential because we can get infinite amout of informations and views and insights.(of course, it goes without saying that good books are important.) The ability of solving the exam problem is not important. Nowaday, true intelligence is required and I want to seek that.